Iphone & Other Mobile Users Web Application

GPS Vehicle Tracking System application gives access to client to show their Devices live location on Google Map in Mobile. Real Time Tracking shows the exact location of Vehicle on the Google Map and also provide all the detail description of Moving, Stopped, Idle and Disconnected Vehicle View Plot indicate path Start Journey to End Journey and flag should be set on Start to End Device list selection to show on Map.(Hide/Show). Selection of Refresh Rate to show Devices on Map. Selection of Map View(Normal/Sattelite).


  • You can see Live tracking at a time.
  • You can Playback vehicle asset at time.
  • You can See diffrent type report like fleet summary,Speedwise Distance Report etc.
  • You can also see Route Path Of any Vechical


Screen Short:

vehicle1 vehicle2 vehicle3 vehicle4
vehicle4 vehicle5 vehicle6 vehicle7

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