Bonrix GPS Mobile Tracker Apps (Android)


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Android Based Bonrix GPS Mobile Tracker Apps

This application is used to track user with android handset using GPS.It will periodically upload location data[latitude,longitude,direction,speed, etc] to any web application using HTTP API URL.
Thus it will help to record each and every possible movements of handset owner on a website.
This information can be used further for alert and reporting purpose based on GPS location.....

HTTP URL Description

Application can be configured using SMS request to android handset
host=Domain name or ip of web application(mandatory)
port=Port number (optional).
AppName=Name of web application(mandatory).
submitpage=Name of servlet, jsp or asp page(Ex:controllerServlet,submit.jsp,submit.aspx)(mandatory).

URL Parameters Description(mandatory parameters):
*Don't change elements covered between < and >
Operation=Name of operation (depends upon ur web application)
<i>=device id
<dt>=date time

Configuration SMS Commands

SMS Purpose SMS Format SMS Description SMS Example
Get last position position<space>pin Pin is given by admin position 123
Set gps data upload url url<space>ulrString Gps data upload url
Set gps down alert interval(seconds) gprsdown<space>interval Set Interval of Gps/internet gprsdown 5
Get Handset network status status<space>pin Handset N/W Status status 123
Set GPS data Accuracy accuracy<space>distance Distance Accuracy in meter accuracy 100

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