Bonrix Android Based GPS linked Audio Broadcast and Advertising Solution


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Bonrix Android Based GPS linked Audio Broadcast and Advertising Solution

This android app is designed for Location based Audio broadcasting using Android handset. Bonrix GPS Audio Broadcast System has dual utility of gps based vehicle tracking (i.e. App works as Android based embedded GPS vehicle tracker) as well as GPS linked audio broadcast service for City Bus, cab, guided tour etc. where advertizing audio or notification / information audio triggered when vehicle reaches to specific geographical location.

Application Features :

Configure location based audio using Google map by marking GPS latitude and longitude on map.
Backup and Restore your audio and location based configuration to FTP server.
Configure location based audio plan for other remote Android handset running same app that is "Bonrix GPS Audio Broadcast System"
Upload plan for other Android handset and refresh or reload its configuration remotely.
Auto audio file ( advertisement or notification/information audio) downloading using FTP server.
Audio repetition (looping) facility available till next Gps link audio file get triggered.
Continuous and realtime location tracking on GPS vehicle tracking system provided using provided username and password.
This app is also working as embedded GPS tracker, So other Fleet management report , Alerts, continuous monitoring on web based platform and android based app is available form

Location Base System


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